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Our Flock

Our growing flock is registered with the Hebridean sheep society.  In 2013 we started our own herd by purchasing 10 ewes from a friend … the flock grew from 10 to 17, then to 31 and now over 50 and our flock just keeps growing every spring. 

All of our sheep are born, reared and grazed on traditional pasture. All are very well looked after and only given supplements if ill or absolutely necessary.

Amongst our flock we have a range of 2 and 4 horns ewes and rams and a couple of very rare silver fleeced ewes.

4 horned rams

Stock For Sale

All of our stock is registered with the Hebridean society including lambs so they are ideal for those wanting to purchase stock to breed or just for grazing and the freezer.  All of our sheep are fully tagged and have a full set of registration papers.

We bucket train our sheep so they are easy to handle and will provide support to any buyers, especially first timers or novices to the breed. We have now sold all our breeding stock for 2018, and are taking orders for 2019. We charge £80 per animal and include local delivery and full advise and support, and we will visit your place to help advise on what equipment and set up you might need. For local buyers we are now starting up a fleece cooperative so if you only have e.g. 4 sheep and want to make wool from the fleece from 2019 you will be able to include your fleece in my cooperative so you can have your own wool!

We currently do not have any stock for sale but if you want to reserve 2019 lambs which will be ready from about September please get in touch. 

Ram Hire

Our boys are in demand! Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.


We sell Hebridean Hogg’s (18 month old, which is the ideal age) and Mutton.

Hebridean’s have a distinct taste and is less fatty than normal lamb. The meat is darker in colour than commercial produced lamb, and all of our animals are reared outdoors in a natural environment and fed only top quality hay and feeds. Our flock even drink pure bore hole water!

The sheep travel 10 minutes / 6 miles to our local butcher. We stay with the sheep right until the end to ensure they are not stressed and that they are treated with the upmost respect.

Our hoggs / mutton are reared in the traditional way so your purchase helps us to continue breeding and supporting the Hebridean stock and blood lines which is essential to ensure the long term survival of this beautiful rare breed sheep.

We sell ½ and whole carcass and can arrange for our butcher to cut the carcass however you want. Please place your orders well in advance to avoid disappointment. We currently charge £60 per ½ carcass and £120 for a whole carcass.

Our meat runs take place once a year around the beginning of September so please place your order by the end of July.

We also supply the Moorcock Inn restaurant www.themoorcock.co.uk at Norland Moor. The food there is amazing!

Wool and Fleece

The beautiful dark brown / black fleeces of the Hebridean is popular with felters and hand spinners. Some of our older girls have beautiful silver fleeces, the silver fleeces can be pre-ordered prior to sheering in May / June time.

Wool – You can buy direct from us, 100% pure spun Hebridean wool available in 100g balls including chunky, double knit and aran weights wool for from £9 per ball. Discounts can be arranged for large orders. Specialist wool orders can also be taken for specific gram balls or cones and for wool thickness.

Fleece – We supply 100g of 100% pure washed and carded Hebridean fleece, ideal for felting or hand spinning at £2.50 or whole unwashed fleeces at £5 each. Orders are now being taken for 2019 unwashed fleeces.

Our wool can be bought direct from our Etsy shop which is called CrowkeldFarm 

Sheep on the smallholding


We love and care for our animals and when we send them to slaughter we try and use every part of the animal out of respect.

We have a selection of horns for sale which have been boiled, cleaned and oiled. The horns will make fantastic handles for crooks, walking sticks, door handles or bottle openers …

Please email to receive an up to date photo list so you can choose the horns.

We sell the horns for £5 each + P&P.
For 2019 we will have a selection of whole skulls with horns, please make individial enquiries for these. 

Farmer kissing sheep

Sheepskin Rugs

We have a range of sheepskin rugs for sale all processed by Nicki Port in Herefordshire who is the only registered organic sheepskin tannery in the British Isles. The rugs are machine washable, last for years, non allergenic contain no bleaches, dyes or toxic chemicals either in the raw materials or in the process.

Prices vary depending upon the size and shade, please email for more details and an up to date photo list so you can choose your rug.

Prices start from £120 + P&P
These can also be seen in our Etsy Shop - CrowkeldFarm


At our canal side smallholding we specialise in rare breed sheep and pigs, producing wool, fleece, rugs and many more products. The site is also equipped with 6 cosy holiday cabins where you can stay and enjoy both the farm and surrounding countryside.


Lambing 2019

We are due to start lambing in 48 hours! Follow our updates on twitter @crowkeld


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