Our Team

So why pigs? We enjoyed working with the sheep so much, and love eating bacon so decided it was time to know where our bacon came from, and to contribute to the RBST mission to save rare breeds.

landrace pigs

Since 2015, we have worked with Saddle Backs, Land Race and our favourite the Large Blacks.


We sell our pigs as meat boxes around September time, or April depending on when the pigglets arrive, so please order well in advance to avoid disappointment. You can purchase a whole pig for £300, ½ pig for £150 and ¼ for £75. (pleaes note these prices are just a guide as they are pre Brexit and pre war - both have really affected the price of feed so the price will increase)

Our pigs are reared outdoors in plenty of space, having a mixture of grazing and woodland to play in.

The pigs travel just 30 minutes to our abattoir. We stay with the pigs right until the end to ensure they are not stressed and that they are treated with the upmost respect. We encourage all buyers to meet the animals so they can see how happy they are! We also supply the Moorcock Inn at Norland Moor with pigs.

happy pigs